Qandor Magazine: UK Housing Crisis In The Midst of the Pandemic

Check out my recently published article in Qandor Magazine’s October issue, page 72.

In this article titled ‘UK Housing Crisis In The Midst of the Pandemic’, I have shared my insights about the indisputable fact that the pandemic has accentuated what is one of the critical issues that the UK is faced with: the housing crisis.

The recent COVID-induced lockdown caused an unprecedented drop of 20.4% in UK GDP in the second quarter of 2020 – the worst quarterly fall since records began. It took us back to where we were in the mid-’80s in terms of levels of economic activity. Following on the heels of a 2% decline in Q1 – also lockdown related – technically this places us in a recession.

For many years, we have struggled to meet levels of demand for housing or address the affordability issues which have arisen as a consequence of this. Its effect is felt across the nation. The imbalance between need and supply of housing puts people out of the market and causes a series of economic and social problems.

I call upon the government to act on this now. Suitable housing is a basic necessity. If it’s not available, the lacerations this creates in our social and economic fabric are an issue for all; and ultimately, we will drift into a much larger-scale housing crisis, which will continue to affect us in generations to come.

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