Climb Podcast

I am often asked to explain our investment philosophy at Hyperlight Ventures. It’s one that turns traditional impact investing on it’s head. We look for companies which have a strong source of competitive advantage that they use to drive impact. In turn, this enables them to generate exceptional profitability which further accelerates the impact they […]

Investment Strategies

When people talk about investment strategies, we tend to think there’s only one way to invest. Usually the one that escapes us. The truth, as with many things, is much more subtle. The right strategy to use depends what you’re investing in and which part of that particular market or sector you’re investing in. In […]


Patience – it’s something we all struggle with. In a world of instant gratification, we all want results, right now. But there’s definitely value in delaying gratification. Studies show that children who learn to resist having things straight away end up with more positive long-term outcomes, including higher intelligence, social responsibility and social competence. One […]

Prepare to be Disintermediated

Did you know … Blockbuster was approached by Netflix TWICE in 2000 and had the opportunity to buy Netflix for $50 million. Blockbuster turned the [………]

Department Stores are headed for extinction

If you’re familiar with Guildford then you’ll know that in the center of the town is a 200,000 sq. ft Debenhams store. What you may not know, however, is that the giant retail premises will very soon be redeveloped. [………]

How our High Streets must change

The way we are working, living, and playing in our towns is changing. The solution is not to ignore what is happening, but to understand it … And then to take advantage of it. [……….]

Qandor Magazine

I’m thrilled to be mentioned on the cover of this year’s very first issue of lime grove case study Qandor Magazine!

In this issue, I have written an interesting case study for our 25,000 sq ft development in Lime Grove, Gloucester, where I shared our main challenges and the lessons we learned along the way. [……..]

Evan Property Investor Today

Check out my recently published article in Property Investor Today.

It delves into the issue of the rising demand for sustainable homes and how investors and property developers such as myself are responding to this call. [………]

Daily Express feature

I’ve contributed to an article for the Daily Express that has just gone out recently about the UK housing market. It seeks to answer a critical question: Is NOW a good time to move house?

House Hunters Permitted to View Properties and Move Home during Second Lockdown

Following Boris Johnson’s announcement of a second national lockdown until 2 December, the Ministry of Housing confirmed that the housing market is to remain open. In a tweet on Saturday, 31 October, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick stated: “Yes – the housing market will remain open throughout this period. [……….]