Qandor Magazine

I’m thrilled to be mentioned on the cover of this year’s very first issue of lime grove case study Qandor Magazine!

In this issue, I have written an interesting case study for our 25,000 sq ft development in Lime Grove, Gloucester, where I shared our main challenges and the lessons we learned along the way. [……..]

Evan Property Investor Today

Check out my recently published article in Property Investor Today.

It delves into the issue of the rising demand for sustainable homes and how investors and property developers such as myself are responding to this call. [………]

Show House Publication

I’ve contributed to an article for the Showhouse publication expressing my support following the tweet of Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick that the housing market is to remain open in the midst of a second national lockdown until 2 December.

Choose Your Investors Carefully

Many people will tell you that there are two types of money; smart money and passive money. But there’s also another kind – painful money. 

Crowdfunding Equity for Your Property Development

Are you interested in crowdfunding equity for your property development project? If you have been following MELT Homes for a while, you will have heard about how we have successfully crowdfunded equity for our property development projects. We completed our first crowdfunded equity raise in November 2017, […….]

Small HMO Conversion Strategy

It was a pleasure to be on Property Question time with Rick Gannon and Stephen Galpin. In this excerpt, I talked about a strategy, which can be used to convert houses to small HMO’s and thereby enhance property value and rental returns.

Let’s get SPECIFIC

Development is detail. Let’s get SPECIFIC. I’m going to cover some of the processes which underpin our approach to property development. In the same way that every building requires a solid foundation on which it stands, successfully delivering developments requires a solid foundation to stand on.