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I’ve contributed to an article for the Showhouse publication expressing my support following the tweet of Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick that the housing market is to remain open in the midst of a second national lockdown until 2 December.

House hunters are already facing nerve-racking delays when attempting to meet the stamp duty deadline. Mortgage lenders, surveyors, and local councils are struggling to cope with the backlog of property transactions. It’s good that we’ve been able to avoid the destructive impact a second standstill of the housing market would have had on property buyers, as well as on the construction sector.

As England is now being forced to endure a second lockdown, we would like the government to re-consider an extension of the stamp duty holiday or a reform of the stamp duty system. Not only would this ease pressure on house hunters, but it would also allow mortgage lenders and surveyors to catch up with the backlog caused by the first lockdown.

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