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When people talk about investment strategies, we tend to think there’s only one way to invest. Usually the one that escapes us. The truth, as

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Selective Sourcing – Finding Your Development Site

Selective Sourcing of development sites simply means being careful about what you buy. We ensure that, based on the planning permission the site has when we purchase it, the project is profitable.
Why should Property Developers crowdfund equity? As internet-based crowdfunding platforms like CrowdWithUs, Propnology and Homegrown gain traction by accumulating committed communities of investors, they are beginning to challenge traditional forms of equity for property development projects such as family offices and private equity funds.
Are you interested in crowdfunding equity for your property development project? If you have been following MELT Homes for a while, you will have heard about how we have successfully crowdfunded equity for our property development projects. We completed our first crowdfunded equity raise in November 2017, [.......]
Development is detail. Let's get SPECIFIC. I'm going to cover some of the processes which underpin our approach to property development. In the same way that every building requires a solid foundation on which it stands, successfully delivering developments requires a solid foundation to stand on.
In an increasingly complex and competitive property market in the UK, investors, developers and lenders share a common challenge. Finding projects in which they can safely and profitably invest their money and time.

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