Investment Strategies

When people talk about investment strategies, we tend to think there’s only one way to invest. Usually the one that escapes us. The truth, as with many things, is much more subtle. The right strategy to use depends what you’re investing in and which part of that particular market or sector you’re investing in. In […]


Patience – it’s something we all struggle with. In a world of instant gratification, we all want results, right now. But there’s definitely value in delaying gratification. Studies show that children who learn to resist having things straight away end up with more positive long-term outcomes, including higher intelligence, social responsibility and social competence. One […]

How COVID-19 is Changing Construction

COVID-19 has forced the construction industry to examine carefully, how it conducts business. As a result of coronavirus, construction was left in lockdown limbo, with ambiguous and unclear advice on what was or was not safe.

The Reinvention of High St Retail – Opportunity or Threat

The inexorable rise of the internet over the last 30 years has had a major effect on society and business. It has transformed the way that we communicate with one another, disrupted industries out of existence, created new ways of generating wealth and fundamentally altered our social fabric. Most people now meet their partners online. Social and economic relationships have become more transient, as it has become easier to connect and transact.

Aparthotels: A Brexit-Proof Property Development Strategy?

There’s no refuting the effect of Brexit on the UK. It’s created turbulent waters for developers and investors alike.

Those who wish to ride the wave of uncertainty unscathed must move in the direction of certainty. At the moment the residential market in London and the South East is flat. Prime Central London has seen a precipitous decline, losing 20-30% in the last few years, though there is one sector showing a lot of opportunities. […………]

How to Become a Property Developer

A lot of people ask me how to become a property developer. Given that I have been doing it for the last 16 years, built over 100 properties with a total value of over £20m and accumulated an investment portfolio of over 50 residential and commercial properties, I should know something about that by now.

Why should Property Developers crowdfund equity?

Why should Property Developers crowdfund equity? As internet-based crowdfunding platforms like CrowdWithUs, Propnology and Homegrown gain traction by accumulating committed communities of investors, they are beginning to challenge traditional forms of equity for property development projects such as family offices and private equity funds.

Crowdfunding Equity for Your Property Development

Are you interested in crowdfunding equity for your property development project? If you have been following MELT Homes for a while, you will have heard about how we have successfully crowdfunded equity for our property development projects. We completed our first crowdfunded equity raise in November 2017, […….]